Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th, 2024


Why a Music Festival in Aurillac ?


- To offer a large annual recurring outdoor music event capable of competing with the artistic programming offered by other French festivals and attracting several thousand people.

- To provide a platform for local artists and encourage their participation.

- To promote partnerships: a budget composed of self-generated revenue (private, sponsorship, ticket sales, etc.) and public partnerships (subsidies from local authorities).

- To enhance accessibility to cultural offerings: a pricing policy tailored to all.

- To stimulate economic benefits for the region (accommodation, hotels, restaurants, local technical services, etc.).


Festival Hours

"Public" festival hours on Friday and Saturday

From 7:00 PM to 12:30 AM: Concerts

Approximate Festival Opening Hours: From 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM


Site Layout

Spatial Organization

An outdoor festival on Place du 8 Mai 1945 that will be organized around two areas :

1/ A main mobile covered stage called the "main stage" will be located to the right of TECHNOPRISME, with a pit and bleachers (facing the stage).

2/ Behind this area, there will be a friendly "Food and Beverage" village set up with food trucks and a main bar. In the center of this space will be the local stage, called the "small stage," which will provide entertainment during stage changes. A call for bids will be launched at the beginning of 2023 to select the candidate(s) for the small stage.

Access: The festival reception and ticketing will be located near the main entrance. An entrance dedicated to persons with reduced mobility (PMR), VIPs, and the press will be situated on the side of Rue Jean Moulin. The entire site will be closed to traffic with temporary detours and traffic restrictions.

Festival Capacity: The goal is to accommodate 8,000 festivalgoers over 2 days (4,000 people per day). The seated capacity during the day will be 1,050 people (+20 PMR seats), and 3,000 people will be allowed in the standing pit. However, if necessary, the site could accommodate more festivalgoers and open the standing pit capacity only.

Scenography - Festival Identity

Efforts will be dedicated to creating a distinct festival identity through careful aesthetics, enhanced signage, and specifically designed spaces (relaxation areas, selfie walls) to facilitate the friendliness and comfort of festivalgoers.