Every year during the 3rd week of August, the town of Aurillac becomes the world capital of street theatre.
Incongruous facilities, an extravaganza of machines, fantastic characters, circus art revisited, theatre and opera reinvented ...

During that week, Aurillac opens its doors to welcome the International Festival of Street Theatre and this since 1986. The streets of Aurillac bring all forms of expression alive, both funny and surprising... so much so that, for a time, the town takes on a completely different appearance.
Its streets are open, but also the minds, the hearts of artists and public... and that is what makes the festival so special. It is also the oldest theatre festival in France and every year, more than 25 theatre companies from around the world are invited to come in and perform for the official festival. Alongside, there are also more than 500 visiting companies that take part in the Off Festival. The result is an amazing variety of different art forms.
This freedom and enormous choice of performances attracts a huge audience with 130,000 people coming to Aurillac every summer. The festival has also become a meeting point for professionals and producers who come to select shows and talent. In Aurillac, they know that they will find the quality but also the originality and fresh approach that they are so looking for.

Practical information:
Pre-program available at the beginning of summer.
Find it out as soon as its release on the organisers’ website:
Numerous accommodations are proposed to fully enjoy the Festival.


Spoken Languages

  • French

From Wednesday 19 to Saturday 22 August 2020.

Canceled or closed because of Covid-19.

Free entry.

20 rue de la Coste
15000 Aurillac