The Route des Crêtes

From Aurillac, take this tourist route and discover one of the most beautiful panoramas on the Cantalien volcano. Open your eyes and let yourself be guided:

- The chapel of St Jean de Done, a few kilometers from Aurillac: this former commandery of the Order of the Knights of Malta is a pure marvel of architecture.

- The orientation table of Alquier culminates at 977 meters of altitude. Accessible to everyone (only 200 m walk from the parking lot), it offers a 360 degree panorama of the Monts du Cantal.

- The chapel of Roquenatou is located at 900 meters of altitude in the direction of Marmanhac. At the junction of Broize, take the direction of Marmanhac. A former priory erected by Géraud d'Aurillac in the 9th century, this sanctuary has always been dedicated to the Holy Virgin and known as Notre-Dame de Roquenatou. It has belonged for many years to the owners of the Sedaiges de Marmanhac castle (see page ).

Come back on the route des Crêtes and continue your way to the Croix de Cheules. Take the direction of St Cirgues de Jordanne to reach the Puy Mary by the Jordanne Valley.

You may wonder if the route des crêtes is not too narrow and dizzying! It overhangs the Jordanne Valley on all its length but the road remains wide enough to cross with another vehicle even if it is a truck or a tractor! So no stress and have a good ride!

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