Charcuterie de Paoli

The artisan pork butcher De Paoli cooks recipes that gather the authentic taste from Auvergne. He offers not only salted meat as ham, sausage, coppa, dry sausage but also prepared dishes, regional specialities:

• Pounti, sweet and salty dish and a sort of terrine with meat and vegetables
• Tripoux, a dish made with small bundles of sheep tripe, usually stuffed with sheep's feet, sweetbreads and various herbs and garden vegetables.
• Cabbage roll.
• “Potée Auvergnate” a traditional recipe of pot-roast which combines simple rustic ingredients, like cabbage and pork.
• Terrines and pâtés…

Spoken Languages

  • French

From 02/01 to 31/12.
Open from 8h a.m. to 12h15 a.m. and from 2h30 p.m. to 7h p.m.
Closed on October.

3 rue Emile Duclaux
15000 Aurillac