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For nearly 30 years, this collective of passionate craftsmen and designers has been inviting you to discover their unique and original creations in their welcoming boutique in the historic heart of Aurillac, rue du Salut.

Le Comptoir d'Auguste welcomes you all year round with its 11 permanent artisans (from Cantalien and neighbouring regions) and its guest artisans during the summer and holiday seasons.
"Atelier d'en Haut" - Perrine LEGER - Stoneware and decorative ceramics
"Petassous" - Annie OUTIER - Sewing and Patchwork workshops
"Aisthesis" - Nathalie CAZES - Travel-inducing natural cosmetics: make-up, soaps, lip balms... Nature et Progrès" label
"Grâce à Marie-Louise" - Pascale MURAY - jewelry, bags, kits, knitwear, accessories... in recycled materials
"L'arbre à Perles" - Alexandra TACHET - jewelry in pearls, glass and mother-of-pearl
"Xavier JALLAIS" - postcards, paintings, travel journals from near and far
"Maryline" - Maryline GIRARD - children's textile creations - bibs, kits, hooks...
"Le Chant des Feuilles" - Adèle GAUTHIER - handmade notebooks
"Pied à Terre" - Caroline VALENT - glazed stoneware ceramics, utilitarian and decorative objects
"Lalutine - Cécile GRAMOND - Gathering and processing of medicinal plants: herbal teas, bud macerates, oily macerates (Label SIMPLES)
"La Théière Ébréchée" - Coline ROUQUET - jewelry in antique crockery

Spoken Languages

  • French

From 02/01 to 31/01/2024.
Wednesday to Saturday: 10am to 12pm - 2pm to 7pm.
School vacations: Tuesday to Saturday - 10am to 12pm - 2pm to 7pm.
Mid-July to mid-August and December: Monday to Saturday: 10am to 12pm - 2pm to 7pm.

7 rue du Salut
15000 Aurillac