Les Etains d'Auvergne

Heir of a know-how imporved for four generations, M.J VOLLET works with pewter following the pewterers’ traditions from the Haute Auvergne. All their regionally styled pewter objects are made, melted and moulded by ladle on site.

None of them are made using modern techniques of slabbing or stamping, 95% pewter suitable for foodstuffs, no lead. Their weight is therefore superior to similar industrially manufactured pieces. Large choice of traditional pewter objects (bowls, soup-dishes) and style pewter objects (ewers, plates, lamps).

Spoken Languages

  • French

Every day throughout the year between 9 am and 7 pm.
Closed on Sunday.
Open from Monday to Saturday from 9h a.m. to 7h p.m.

Route de Montauban - RN 122
15000 Aurillac