Prehistoric Labyrinth

Come on an adventure and meet the last Cro Magnon for real! As explorers, you will embark on an expedition in search of the last surviving Cro Magnon, discovered by the famous archaeologist Professor Jean Netessur

Along your journey over an area of more than 1000 m2, you will enter into 7 contrasting settings where you must pick up on 25 clues: the Path of Reflections, the Professor's Base Camp, the Cave of Paintings, the Animal Cave, the Mirror Labyrinth, the Secret Appartment and the Knowledge Trail.

The Prehistoric Labyrinth is the chance to take an offbeat and amusing look at our prehistoric past and to discover the world of our ancestor, Cro-Magnon.

New: the Ice Age, a completely frozen adventure! An icy wind has descended on the Labyrinth where visitors can relive the last Ice Age.

Spoken Languages

  • French

Type of customer

  • Children

From 09/04 to 08/07/2022, daily between 1 pm and 6 pm.

From 09/07 to 31/08/2022, daily.

From 01/09 to 06/11/2022, daily.

From 07/11 to 31/12/2022, every Saturday and Sunday between 2 pm and 6 pm.

Adult: 14.90 €
Child: 11.90 €.

from 11.9€
99 Allée Paul-Jean Souriau
24260 Le Bugue